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Birthdate:Apr 30
Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Welcome to my journal! I hope you enjoy your stay! Here you'll find everything from rants, to personal opinions, to movie reviews and general all-around fangirling. Enjoy! (Oh and just a note on my username: it's a reference to the movie "Saved", it has nothing to do with my own (lack of) religious views)

The Writer in Me

Here's a little bit about me. I love to write, always have, but sadly I don't write as much as I ought and want to. Fiction is my forte but I don't write fanfiction. I'm one of those people who actually doesn't really like fanfiction and I will give my reasons why. Unless it's really, REALLY well written I won't even bother. I know that may make me sound elitist but it's just the way I am. I also don't like smutfics. I have nothing against the smut it's just when used with characters that have never had an explicit relation on-screen makes it kinda weird. However, I did read one really good Torchwood one, which totally works. The Office does not.

My Music Loves

My taste in music varies between the days. I still love all the music I grew up on, especially all that my dad taught me about on our long drives to Montreal. I love learning about new talent and am often open to learning about new styles. I barely listen to the radio, mostly the classic rock station is the one I frequent. So most current songs I have heard maybe once. I'm an avid downloader so if I here a song I like I'll most likely download the entire album. My harddrive space is not loving me so much right now.

Fandoms Galore!

I love the movies. I see at least one a week (pretty much) and am actually a Film Studies major (if all goes well). I'm not a fan of the horror genre but most other things are fair game. Oh, avant-garde also kind of freaks me out. When I see a film that I really like I'll most likely try and buy it and learn about it as much as possible. Both IMDb and Wikipedia are my friends here. As for television, I watch a ton of it. I love starting new fandoms and am constantly trying new shows that I've heard good things about. If only I could figure out a way to watch TV while exercising outside then I'd be golden!

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

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